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Dell India Consumer Affiliate Program Sees Big Growth After Migrating to CJ

Jan 31, 2022

Dell, the global leader in PC and PC-related products, migrated their India-based affiliate program to CJ as part of a global affiliate platform consolidation effort and immediately experienced consistent, high-quality growth in product sales, revenue, and traffic.

Dell Consumer


Results at a Glance

**Calendar Year, Net KPIs**




Compared to Q4 2020 (X), Dell India Consumer saw:

  • 1.2X increase in units sold in Q1 2021
  • 2.5X increase in units sold in Q2 2021
  • 2.9X increase in units sold in Q3 2021
Revenue (USD)

Compared to Q4 2020 (X), Dell India Consumer saw:

  • 1.2X increase in revenue in Q1 2021
  • 2.3X increase in revenue in Q2 2021
  • 2.8X increase in revenue in Q3 2021


cj-affiliate-2022-dell-india-case-study-chart-clicksCompared to Q4 2020 (X), Dell India Consumer saw:

  • 1.7X increase in clicks in Q1 2021
  • 4.4X increase in clicks in Q2 2021
  • 4.8X increase in clicks in Q3 2021



  • Dell runs localized affiliate programs for various regions across the globe. They chose to consolidate these global programs under a single provider for key markets and selected CJ.
  • The Dell India Consumer affiliate program was migrated to CJ in late September 2020 with the goal of engaging in full-funnel marketing to achieve stronger growth for the program.



  • Dell’s CJ team worked in close collaboration with the CJ Publisher Development team to identify and onboard top partners with diverse business models, ranging from coupon, loyalty, content, and comparison, among others.
  • To capture the true value of publisher partnerships and build confidence and motivation, Dell extended the referral window from 3 days to 30 days within weeks of program launch.
  • Experiencing double-digit growth in the first six months of the program, Dell began investing aggressively and working even more closely with their partners in late Q1, the results of which were telling—Dell grew close to or over 200% in key metrics across the board. Dell continues to invest and work closely with partners, maintaining their growth trajectory.
  • In the early days of the program, Dell relied on the affiliate channel to drive the sale of low-ticket items but as they grew, high margin product sales became more important. Given the success of the affiliate program, Dell India Consumer introduced its premium line, consisting of XPS and Alienware, to the affiliate channel in Q3. This led to a 20% increase in AOV over the previous quarters, in addition to increasing the earning potential for Dell’s partners.
  • In close collaboration with CJ’s account management team, Dell continues to explore further avenues of expanding and growing the program.

“We partnered with CJ in September 2020 and from then on, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our affiliate program. From onboarding partners, to a/b testing campaigns, to innovative placements, a lot of work was put in to get a jumpstart. CJ has fantastic teams to set up the program and run them on a day-to-day basis in a professional manner, which is amongst the best in this category.

We are happy to continue this partnership with them, increase affiliate contribution to the business in the years to come and deliver our long-term strategy.”

- Syed Imran, Global Consumer Marketing, Dell



For more information about working with Dell India Consumer in the CJ network, reach out to or apply to their program in the CJ Account Manager.