Case Studies

eharmony Leans on CJ's Growth Consultancy Team to Run Successful Search Strategies

Feb 16, 2022

Online dating platform, eharmony, leverages the CJ platform and CJ’s Growth Consultancy team to maximize their opportunity with affiliate customers resulting in a successful TM+ campaign and a fantastic new partnership.



Results at a Glance

  • 190% more clicks per day compared to prior campaigns
  • 50% more sales compared to prior campaigns
  • Doubled campaign investment in the first month
  • Grew organic revenue by 100% the following month
  • Drove a click-to-lead conversion rate of 7.5% and a lead-to-sale conversion rate of 24.1%



  • Longtime CJ advertiser, eharmony uses CJ’s Growth Consultancy team to run a self-sufficient program with the guidance of a dedicated CJ contact, allowing them to get assistance while still running their program the way they want.
  • eharmony looked to their CJ contact for resources and recommendations to find a new TM+ search partner to fill a gap.
  • eharmony operates a combination lead and sale affiliate program that pays partners on free sign-ups as well as paid, premium memberships. Their primary goal with search campaigns is to convert paid memberships (sales).



  • Via email and monthly calls, eharmony utilized a Publisher Opportunity Report conducted by their CJ contact to provide a gap analysis, examining publisher opportunities that were previously missed.
  • Based on the knowledge of their unique program and goals, eharmony’s CJ contact provided a curated list of relevant search partners and recommendations.
  • After reviewing the list and resources put together by their CJ contact, eharmony selected a premier search and content partner to test with to diversify their publisher base.
  • Once they had negotiated terms that were beneficial for both parties, eharmony worked with the new partner to launch a 30-day search campaign with TM+ rights to promote an exclusive discount code.
  • Once the test was complete, eharmony saw continued organic promotion from the new partner, leading to 100% growth in revenue the following month.
  • Based on the results of the campaign, eharmony is looking to grow the partnership further.

For more information about working with eharmony in the CJ network, apply to their program directly via the CJ Account Manager.